Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Middle Aged

How do you know you're middle aged?
a) On a road trip with your girlfriends you spend an inordinate amount of time seriously discussing how best to deal with grey hair, upper lip wisps and general all-over drooping of bits.
b) Your version of a road trip is now a day out to Ikea.
c) You get overly excited when you discover that coffee is free in the Ikea canteen (one of you does a little celebratory dance).
d) When you sit on a Martorp sofa you are tempted to have a quick nap. No-one laughs when you say this out loud.
e) A Lazy Susan seems like a brilliant idea.
f) You fall asleep in the car on the way home and no alcohol has been consumed.


  1. ....and pray why didn't you call me!!! I could've given you the tour haha!!! xx

  2. IKEA is hell's punishment for those that worship at the altar of MDF chique and bland flat pack consumerism. Oh, how we have sinned! Nice Swedish meatballs though.