Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reality Bites

"Do I have to go to school forever Mum?" my young son asked me today.
"No. Not forever," I replied.
"But for a long time?"
"Yes, for quite a long time," I admitted.
He paused to consider this, looking off into the middle distance, his brow scrunched as he pondered the possible implications.
"It's a cruel world Mum," he said at last.
How right he is. And he hasn't even started watching Eastenders yet.


  1. It is a cruel world indeed! So cute.

  2. Hasn't started watching Eastenders yet?? I'd say that was pretty cruel in itself.

    Poor deprived child.

  3. I recently read your Book demented housewife and then I found your blog!! Thing is though, you haven't poted anything for soooo long. Is everything OK?
    The book was great, and after having a nation TV embarrasement of my own, and an almost fling..(all in January of this was almost like therapy. Hey get blogging again!!

  4. He is very wise...